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  • 🔮 What's ahead for us in 2024

🔮 What's ahead for us in 2024

Plus: Celebrating NYE twice?, recent headlines

In today’s issue

  • 🎊 Happy New Year! Here’s to an adventurous 2024 🎊

  • Our 2024 predictions: remote job feeding frenzy, paycations, AI travel apps

  • So much for that: United Airlines fumbled a rare “double rainbow” time travel flight

  • Headlines: 24 amazing places to visit in 2024, toxic selfie culture, being overemployed

🔮 Palmtree’s 2024 predictions

We’re a little new at this, so it’s nothing too crazy. Let’s have a look at what 2024 means for remote work, travel, and digital nomadism:

Prediction #1: Remote jobs will grow exponentially in demand

Remote jobs: the foundation of global nomad culture

In 2024, we’ll see more companies start to require some physical, in-office presence from employees, whether it’s “remote” (work from home in a designated geographic area with possible periodic in-person gatherings), fully in-person, or a hybrid of remote and in-person.

Remote and fully remote jobs (i.e., work from anywhere) will become a massive priority for the skyrocketing number of professionals who value location independence above anything else. These employees will go out of their way and make sacrifices to land harder-to-find remote roles, even if it means lower pay or lower chances of being promoted.

Remote-friendly employers will rethink their recruitment strategy and make location flexibility a huge factor in attracting and retaining talent.

Prediction #2: “Paycations” and slow travel will be all the rage

Literally hiking into their Zoom background

Step aside, bleisure — the paycation is here to help you have your cake and eat it too in 2024.

Instead of squeezing a few fun outings out of a work trip, paycations are all about landing somewhere awesome for 2–3+ weeks at a time in order to maximize the benefits of sustained adventure and a stable work base at one time.

And with a little bit of time-zone arbitrage, you may not even need to touch that PTO. Think aspiration over convenience.

Prediction #3: AI-powered travel apps are coming

She just met them a few hours ago…thanks to AI

In 2024, AI-powered travel apps will start to enhance our travel planning in profound and effortless ways, plus AI apps built for enterprise customers.

We’ll see highly personalized apps that will build our itineraries, book our rooms, and fetch the juiciest recommendations — in seconds. We’ll also see better and faster customer service, and even real-time language translation.

Plot twist: The best AI travel apps will focus on making real connections and bringing people together.

That time United hyped up then didn’t fly people back to the previous year

Once in a blue moon, passengers flying across the international dateline to Honolulu have the rare opportunity to celebrate NYE twice in the same day.

This past New Year’s Eve, United Airlines claimed bragging rights of being the only US carrier to offer this special edition time travel: a flight departing from Guam at 7:35 am on January 1 and arriving to Honolulu -1 day later at 6:35 pm on December 31.

United offered to fly people to the previous year

Well, United blew it. Flight 200 got delayed 6.5 hours. Passengers touched down in Hawaii at 12:34 am on January 1 🥹

In 2017, Hawaiian Airlines passengers flying from Auckland to Honolulu did get to celebrate the New Year twice thanks to a 10 minute delay.

The plane was supposed to take off at 11:55 pm on December 31, but left instead at 12:05 am on January 1, 2018. It landed in Honolulu at 9:45 am on December 31. 🥂 Cheers2 ! 🥂

Recent headlines

  • A small sparsely-populated island in Indonesia tops CNN’s list of places to visit in 2024. Other picks: Morocco, Malta, Chile.

  • “…the posing and the striving for perfection in an attempt to make it all look candid…” Is selfie culture ruining travel? It’s quite possible.

  • 💰 Earning big bucks with 3 FT remote jobs: How the secretly overemployed stay productive, dodge burnout, and avoid capture.

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