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In today’s maiden issue

  • The return to office lobster trap: one way in ➡ no way out 🛑

  • Remote worker vs. digital nomad: let’s quickly sort this out

  • Travel tip: the safest way to get cash in your pocket

  • Same place, separate realities: Bali, Indonesia (see for yourself 😳)

  • Headlines: remote friendly spots, top digital nomad jobs, visas you’ll want

🦞 Is “Return to Office” a lobster trap?

It was inevitable: the pandemic made working from home a thing, but now companies are changing their tune and asking making workers return to office.

For many, Return To Office (RTO) mandates feel unreasonable and restrictive, akin to a lobster trap. Employers argue it’s good for productivity. Skeptics say companies don’t want to lose big money on commercial real estate leases. Lots going on here:

  • Remote worker Jay took a $35k paycut to continue working from home so he could care for his ailing father.

  • Once remote-friendly companies are now amping up RTO mandates, including Amazon, Meta, Zoom, Salesforce, and Google.

  • Dropbox operates on the Virtual First model, which founder Drew Houston sums up as, “Virtual First does not mean remote-only.”

Remote worker vs. digital nomad: 5 key differences

Remote worker

  • Home base

  • Employee

  • Likes to travel

  • Dedicated office

  • Stable income

Digital nomad

  • Location independent

  • Freelancer

  • Lives to travel

  • Cafes and coworking

  • Fluctuating income

Travel tip

🤑 Get cash from ATMs instead of currency exchanges.

  • You’re likely to get a better bank rate and there’s less chance of getting scammed.

  • At the ATM, don’t select “convert from your home currency.” Always select “local currency.”

  • Get out the maximum cash limit to avoid future ATM fees.

  • Not all ATMs charge a fee, you just have to try a few out.

Reality vs. reality: Bali, Indonesia 🇮🇩

Same place, different realities. What do you think?

Ah, here’s a nice beach in Canggu, Bali

…and here’s how you get to that beach 😬

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