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  • Why Singapore is _the_ place to be

Why Singapore is _the_ place to be

Plus: Learn how to set your own prices, recent headlines

In today’s issue

  • Let’s all go to Singapore: the world’s cosmopolitan tropical city

  • How to set your own prices: learn 5 key rules of open market bargaining

  • Headlines: meet a self-proclaimed “shuttler,” Japan’s soon-to-be digital nomad visa, top paying remote gigs

🇸🇬 Singapore: Yes, totally worth it

The Merlion is Singapore’s official mascot

Take a glance at a world map and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a city — let alone an entire country — in our equatorial “coconut belt” that’s as sophisticated as Singapore.

The young, tiny island nation is home to about 5.92 million people, of which around 30% are foreigners. And, despite a permanent ban on chewing gum, Singapore is the only country in Asia with a higher per capita GDP than the US.

Haji Lane, Singapore

Why we ❤️ Singapore

Singapore is warm, clean, and modern…but that’s just the beginning:

  • English is an official language (in addition to Chinese, Malay, and Tamil)

  • Rich culture, excellent food, proud people

  • Virtually no danger and definitely no drugs

  • 🌴🌴🌴 Lots and lots of palm trees 🌴🌴🌴

View from the Park Royal Collection PIckering

Great ways to learn about Singapore while you’re here:

  • Learn your history at the National Museum of Singapore, you won’t regret it or forget it. Tip: book with Pelago and skip the entrance line.

  • Strike up conversations with your taxi (aka “Grab”) drivers: in our experience, they offer a fair and balanced perspective.

  • Take a day or 2 to walk the city, eat some famous street food, and mingle with locals.

➡️ More on Singapore in the next issue of Palmtree…

How to get the prices you want at open air markets

Open-air markets in developing countries are the kind of quirky and charming-ish places you wanna love but sometimes feel a tad uncomfortable.

They can be hot, bewildering, and filled with pushy sellers.

And the most frustrating part? Nothing has a price tag 😬

Now let’s say you wanna buy something. You ask, “How much?” The merchant quickly looks you up and down, then gives you a completely arbitrary price.

Awkward, right? Well, not really. Merchants expect you to bargain. You just need to know how to do it right. Keep reading —>

The 5 rules of price bargaining at open markets

Rule #1
In your mind, pick your “walk price:” the absolute highest price you’re willing to pay for the merchandise before you literally walk away.

Rule #2
The first price they quote you is almost always outrageous. Don’t accept it.

Rule #3
Instead, offer something well below your walk price. They’ll counter it with something higher — that’s fine — just keep working your way down until you’re at a price that’s comfortable.

Rule #4
If they won’t meet your walk price, just say “no thanks” and walk away. This often works and you’ll get the goods at your walk price.

Rule #5
Be kind. These merchants’ livelihoods depend on your money. A few dollars price difference is worth more to them than you🫰🏼

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